Referensi Online

Referensi online yang bisa dipergunakan untuk menambah  sitasi pada penulisan jurnal, tugas akhir, dan menambah khasanah keilmuan khusus pada bidang Geografi:

Sumber Google:

  1. Google Scholar – Sitasi tugas akhir dan publikasi karya ilmiah
  2. Google Book – sumber buku dari google
  3. Google Earth – Globe online dari Google atau dapat juga kunjungi Maps Google
  4. Google Translate – Penerjemahan bahasa dari Google

Sumber Jurnal:

  1. Doaj– Referensi Jurnal nasional dan internasional
  2. Sciencedirect Referensi jurnal internasional
  3.  Jurnal Geografi UGMReferensi Geografi Fisik
  4. Jurnal Pendidikan Geografi UM Malang Referensi khusus Pendidikan Geografi
  5. Jurnal Pendiidikan Geografi UPI BandungReferensi khusus Pendidikan Geografi
  6. Jurnal Geografi Unnes SemarangReferensi Geografi Fisik 


  1. HathiTrust’s Digital Library
  2. InTech, is a pioneer and world’s largest multidisciplinary open access publisher of books covering the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine. Since 2004, InTech has collaborated with 87570 authors and published 2442 books and 6 journals with the aim of providing free online access to research. Our overall mission is to help academics make their work visible and accessible to diverse new audiences around the world.
  3. Microsoft Virtual Academy e-Books
  4. Project Gutenberg
  5. UC Press E-Books Collection – University of California: art, science, history, music, religion, and fiction
  6. University of Virginia Library – Digital Collections – Letters, Fiction, Literature
  7. US joint services manuals

Kamus Online

  1. Glossary of the Terms Used in Bioinorganic Chemistry
  2. Electropedia/IEV Online, is the world’s most comprehensive online electrical and electronic terminology database.
  3. Kamus Indonesia – Inggris by UGM
  4. Merriam-Webster Online
  5. Agricultural Glossary
  6. ODLIS – Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science

Ensiklopedia Online 

  1. The A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia
  2. Encyclopedia Britannica
  3. Encyclopedia Smithsonian
  4. Islamic Encyclopedia
  5. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online
  6. RP Photonics Encyclopedia — An Open Access Encyclopedia for Photonics and Laser Technology
  7. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


  1. CEUR Workshop Proceedings
  2. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  3. International Association for Cryptologic Research
  4. International Leadership Association (ILA) Conference Proceedings
  5. The Internet Engineering Task Force
  6. Lexical Functional Grammar Proceedings
  7. Materials Research Society (MRS) Proceedings
  8. National Defense Industrial Association
  9. Online American Water Resources Association Proceedings
  10. The Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB)
  11. Proceeding of the National Academy Sciences of the United States of America
  12. Robotics: Science and Systems – Online Proceedings

Referensi Lainnya:

  1. Lipi Informasi pengetahuan Indonesia
  2. BNPB Informasi kebencanan dan mitigasi di Indonesia
  3. BMKG Informasi fenomena alam di Indonesia
  4. PerpustakaanInformasi Buku dan Pendaftaran keanggotaan perpustakaan nasional Indonesia